Commercial Tri Fuel Generator 8400 Watts
Many people in the U.S and around the globe are still unfamiliar with tri fuel generators.  Most people know about the typical gasoline backup generator.  Unfortunately, this little nugget of knowledge about a powerful alternative product can leave people in the position they were desperately trying to avoid, being without power. As the brutal hurricanes
The back up generator has one function. To work when its needed.  By the time your power goes out, it will be too late to realize that you might have done one of the top 4 things that keep your generator from working when you need it most. Not running it for months or years
A leak at the at Porter Ranch refinery in California last year spewed tons of methane into the air and surrounding area. It was recorded as the second largest methane leak in U.S. history. People in the area were warned about potential blackouts all last summer. However, thanks to a mild summer the grid was

What is a Tri Fuel Generator

Thursday, 06 October 2016 by
What is a tri fuel Generator? A tri fuel generator is an electric generator with a gas engine that runs on multiple (3)  types of fuel. . Gasoline, natural gas and propane.  This provides consumers with options for fueling their generators based on their preference and local resources. Converter:  A special converter kit is added
This is California. And blackouts and brown outs are just a part of life.  Regulators and officials are scrambling to off set the expected blackout and brownouts set to affect millions of people in southern California.  The anticipated blackouts are due in part to a gas leak which has led to a partial shut down
      So it’s been a busy winter here at Smart Generators.  We have added staff, upgraded our facilities and developed several new tri fuel generator models we will be rolling out over the next couple of days, weeks and months. Our newest member to the Smart Generator family is the Motorhead.  This model
Did you notice that we already had a hurricane in 2016?  That’s right in the second week of January 2016 hurricane Alex took form over the Atlantic making it only the second time in 75 years that a hurricane took place in January.  Is this a harbinger for a busy and destructive hurricane season?  Got
  It is always interesting to hear some of the notions people have regarding tri fuel generators.  Just like other products in the consumer world, tri fuel generators come with their own set of myths and misconceptions.   We enjoy educating our current and future customers on in the ins and outs of buying and

Post Storm Jonas Report

Friday, 29 January 2016 by
As We reach the 1 week marker after the epic winter storm Jonas battered the Mid Atlantic and Norther Easter States dumping as much as 34 inches of snow, cities and people are returning to life as usual.  After the storm, more 120, 000 customers across the storm’s path had lost power.  Post storm reports

Top 3 RV Tri Fuel Generators

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Well we really hate writing about ourselves but we just can’t help it. With a mild winter and spring just around the corner we wanted to highlight our 3 top tri fuel generators for RVs.  These models are small, less noisy and powerful and provide you with enough power for all your electrical needs. 1.  TFEU7000

Anatomy of a Black Out

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In 2003 a black out gripped a large swath or Northeastern United States and lower Canada.  In all, almost 55 million lost power.  Even though many had their power restored several hours later, others sat in darkness without electrical power for almost two days.  The entire state of NY was knocked out except two villages on
Tri fuel generators are a unique item. Every customer will use it differently depending on their needs.  The suburbanite might use it in in emergency situations only, starting it up anywhere from once a year to once every five years.  There is the hunter or outdoors person who will use it every day for stretches