Did you just purchase a 8,000 watt generator and reduce it to a 5,000 watt generator?

Our competitors uses crude and inefficient methods that cause a loss of 20-40% on Propane (LPG) and up to 50% on Natural Gas. Our patented Tri Fuel system is extremely efficient with NO loss in watts on Propane (LPG) and only a minimal 20% loss in watts on Natural Gas.

Not only do we use high quality parts and industry brand engines, we use patented BEC carburetion technology. It is this technology that produces gasoline like HP on Propane (LPG) and minimal loss on Natural Gas. Our competition use crude and inefficient methods for delivering vapor fuel to the engine such as drilling out the carburetor and using a straight pipe delivery system.

Consequently, there are dangers that arise when powering your house with an generator that has been downgraded by the wrong technology. Brownouts are inevitable when your 8,000-watt generator has been reduced to a 5,000-watt generator. Since your generator can no longer produce the wattage compatible with it's circuit breakers, the breakers will no longer protect your generator from working beyond its limits. Once that has occured, the RPM of your generator’s engine will drop below 3,600 causing the frequency of the electricity to drop from 60hz to as low as 50hz. This damages the engine on your generator, destroys electronic equipment, can cause short-circuiting, and unsafe conditions including a fire.