MZBPM20 Medium Silent Generator Enclosure – 20 db


Collapsible noise reducing Medium Silent Generator Enclosure that reduces the noise of most portable generators by up to 20 decibels (dBA). The fully assembled box will reduce the noise signature of your portable generator by up to 99%. The 5 pieces assemble easily (less than 3 minutes) for mobile use or can be fixed together for permanent installations.  Then, just plug in to your generator and enjoy your environment in silence! Power from generator passes through the walls of the box through a port opening for ease of use and simplicity of electrical connections.


Medium Silent Generator Enclosure

MZBPM20 Medium Silent Generator Enclosure

  • This quiet enclosure offers up to a 20 dBA reduction in noise *about 99% quieter operation (generator & environmental conditional)
  • Improves safety and productivity wherever portable generators are used
  • Great for portability and easy setup and takedown
  • Collapsible = 5 Separate pieces stack to half the box size
  • Weatherproof, Secure and lockable
  • For Permanent Installations OR On-the-Go Use
  • Power cables and fuel lines pass through 3in. grommet for easy safe connections
  • Access to generator is through the hinged top lid
  • Dimensions Inside Space: L36 W30 H32
  • Dimensions Overall Box: L39 W39 H34 (plus 10″ fan)
  • Total assembled weight: 177lbs.  *32lbs each piece
  • Ventilation fan uses 240 watts @ 850+ CFM air flow
  • Powered using spare outlet on generator set
  • Fits the following generators: SG8400A, SG8400B, STF8500, PSTF8500, STF9375
  • 90 day Limited Warranty

*Generator is not included. Assembly required.


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Small Smartshed (Using a Suncast BMS2500)
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Weight 177 lbs
Dimensions 39 x 39 x 44 in


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