Alisa – Scarsdale, New York
Thank you for you professionalism and customer service.
Andrew – Richwood, New Jersey
They did a very nice job delivering/setting up the Honda PSTF8500 Tri-Fuel generator with me. Runs great!
Tim – Queens, New York
I can’t believe how easy it is to start up! It runs like a champ! Thanks for all your advise.
Vincent – East Windsor, New Jersey
The generator looks good. I gave it the once over last night.
Peter - Dawsonville, Georgia
I am writing to thank you for your customer service, your prompt delivery and excellence of my generator I bought from you. My Yamaha generator works precisely as advertised! The problem I had was in shipping and you not only responded immediately but arranged for a minor service, pickup and delivery at NO charge! I was a little concerned about placing an order over the internet for this item but could not be more satisfied with the result! I feel very lucky to have found you and received better service than I would get locally and a very good price! I recommend N.Y. Smart Generators to anyone looking for a great selection of top end products and a company that stands up for its customers (No questions asked). I did a lot of research before I ordered a generator and chose N.Y. Smart Generators and feel lucky I did!
John - Greene, Rhode Island
I want to thank you for the wonderful service you gave us. The first generator had a problem and you were so generous to come and personally exchange it for another. Rhode Island is not next door and your man came and was very generous with his time and explained everything to us. We would certainly use your services and company in the future.
Joe – Hartford, Connecticut
It’s loud, but quieter than I expected. (Briggs & Stratton TF30470) For a neighborhood where the houses tend to be at least 50 yards apart, this is not an intolerable noise level in my judgment. It seems to be no louder, and might actually be quieter, then the generators that my neighbors run. If you are really worried about noise, spend an extra $3000 and purchase their Honda inverter generator!
Frank – Lodi, New Jersey
Thanks for the quick delivery of the Honda PSTF8500 Tri Fuel Generator. And, of course, the work you did in setting the generator up and testing it in the back of my house. Since then, I have shown and run the Honda to my neighbors who were very impressed. Again, I am very happy with the whole process–from the beginning until now. You guys are terrific!!
Erik – New Jersey
So it’s been 2 or so years since I purchased a TF30471, 8000 watt generator from you. Tonight we lost power for several hours and I got a chance to use my generator. It purred like a kitten on natural gas I have an interlock kit on my panel on a 30 amp circuit to the outside so I feed my house. Both heaters worked and we stayed warm. Thanks so much for everything. It’s a comfort knowing we have this type of protection.
Jack – Iowa
Bought this two years ago and just getting around to the review. I use this Genny to run my camp house at the deer lease. It is a bit overkill for my purposes but has performed flawlessly coming up on 400hrs over 8 months of use. I usually run it ~ 30hrs per weekend. just make sure you change your oil on schedule and check it every 8hrs of use or so.
Nick – Westfield, New Jersey
Finally ran the gas line and hooked up today. We ran out the gasoline, turn it off and bled the NG pressure unit and it worked fine. Thanks for your help!
Anthony – Smithtown, New York
Thanks for all your help in finding a great generator for us it works great and saved us so many times when the power went out I would recommend Smart Generators to all my friends and family.
Tony – Staten Island, New York
Thank You Jared and Shaun for a smooth transaction and Quick Delivery and Set-up…..Your Knowledge helped us to choose the generator for our needs and also for taking the time out to explain its operation and answer our questions.
Adam – Staten Island, New York
I love my generator, its a beast! I can run my entire house of this baby. Thanks for everything, the great advise, the free installation, and the class you handled everything with.
Joseph – Commack, New York
I wanted a Honda and I got a Honda. Its reliable and powerful, now I’m ready for the next Sandy.
Peter – Parker, Colorado
Got the generator yesterday, hooked it up and it runs good on natural gas and propane with good voltage and HZ.
Jon – Newark, New Jersey
I love this generator! The zero-gravity frame makes it so easy to move! (RDTF8500)
John – Smithtown, New York
Starts and runs great! Thanks for responding so quickly especially on the weekend!
Jim – Staten Island, New York
Although I am happy I have not had to use my RDTF8500 generator as of yet. Once a month I set it up and start it with the remote starter. Everything works great and kicks over in a few seconds. 5 stars from this happy camper, and thanks again for all your help.
Rob – Newark, New Jersey
These guys are the experts of tri fuel generators, ask them anything they will not disappoint. They told me they weren’t sure if I could run my central air on this but I did it!
James – Kings Park, New York
Generator is very impressive, Nick did a fine job hooking it up & explaining everything! I was pleased to find out that your business would be taking care of any warranty claims. (very improbable considering quality of unit) Should be hearing from my neighbor (very impressed) with the unit. Thanks again
David – Somerset, New Jersey
Smart Generator’s service was everything that I wanted and needed. They provided knowledgeable, timely and personal attention to all of my questions along with very competitive pricing for my new natural gas generator. I highly recommend Smart Generators!
Lindsey – Redland, California
I think your customer service and your product is outstanding. I do recommend Smart Generator to everyone, as I talk to people about prepping. Jared has been very helpful in answering all of my questions. Also questions about installation, since my situation may be a little different than normal. I’m sure Jared will play a very big factor in getting my job completed. I highly recommend Smart Generators and Jared!!!
JoAnn - Ridgewood, NJ
The people at Smart Generators have been very helpful and supportive. I give them an excellent recommendation. Even after my warranty was expired, one of the owners, Jared came to NJ from Long Island to help me out. My generator wasn’t working and he came equipped with a new battery and installed it. He did not charge me! He was extremely helpful and delightful to work with.
Don - Wyckoff, NJ
I wanted to send you this note expressing my appreciation for the outstanding product and services provided by Smart Generators. It is refreshing to interact with people who will always respond in a timely, knowledgeable, professional, and courteous manner. I would certainly recommend Smart Generators to anyone seeking the type of generators you provide.
Steve - Orem, UT
Thanks for helping on the call yesterday. We heated up the unit and it started with propane so probably just the oil kill switch was the issue yesterday. We also then got it to start on natural gas. For our unit, propane is 4.5 turns and natural gas is 5.25 turns. Ran great, we tested it under panel load all good.
Donald – Somerville, New Jersey
When I threw the load on the generator it hardly lost any rpm! (PTF15625)
Patrick – Miller Place, New York
Thanks for all your help! Runs great!!
Rob – Baldwin, New York
I love this little generator! Its such a little powerhouse, powers my whole home without a problem. Thanks for all your help and advice.
John - Smithtown, NY
I've used the generator a couple of times because of power failures and it runs the entire house! Best purchase I ever made.